Update (09/06/13) : I’ve been quoted on the community page of Usesthis. Thanks Usesthis!

Update (09/08/13, late) : As I said I the and of the article, I’ve upgraded my main machine for a 13” 2013 Macbook Air. The full day batterie is really confortable, having a Mac able to handle very large external display too. The laptop is quite powerfull but in the future I may regret havingchosen the basic i5 processor…

This post is inspired by the website Usesthis. I’m not really into geeky exhibitions but I love to talk about my setup, which is pretty basic but efficient fo my use.

What hardware?

My main machine is an old 2008 13” Macbook unibody. Apple made theses only for few months before the 13” get a Firewire port and became part of the Macbook pro line.

It’s still running with an old 2,4ghz C2D and I’ve upgrade it with 4gb of memory and a 128gb SSD. Since I love working with a bigger screen resolution (I had a 27” iMac in my previous job), I’m using a LG 22inch external display.

I’ve also an old Mac Mini hidden on a rack used as integration and deployment server using Jenkins.

As an iOS developer I have an assortment of iOS devices to be able to test my latests applications in all situations.

And what software?

Since I’m an iOS developer, my main tool is of course Xcode.

I also do some Rails development from time to time using Sublime Text 2 and hosted on Heroku.

My code is hosted on Github and/or Bitbucket, I use Trello as planing tool, and Redmine for bug tracking.

Last but not least, I’m a long time Spotify user and my playlists get bigger everyday.

What would be your dream setup?

I’m pretty happy with my current setup right now but I’m waiting for the next keynote to upgrade my main machine for a 13” Macbook Air.

I almost forgot what is like to have more than an hour of battery life and I would love to be able to use my external screen to it’s maximum resolution.